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Air Freshener - Air Freshener On A Rope

Air Freshener - Air Freshener On A Rope

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Elevate the scent of your interior with the Angelwax BILBERRY AIR FRESHENER. This versatile product is designed to make your space smell amazing. Equipped with a convenient elastic band, you can effortlessly place it anywhere you like or tuck it under your seat. Experience the perfect fragrance enhancement for your car or room.


Created by popular demand, Bilberry air freshener is the fruity and distinct scent blended into our signature wheel wax which makes it smell uniquely delicious, crafted into an air freshener.

A classic coconut fragrance to take you somewhere tropical no matter where you drive, Nuts is a tastefully balanced olfactorant with enough of a sweet kick to satisfy your senses every time you open the door.

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