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Ti-22 - Titanium Spray Sealant

Ti-22 - Titanium Spray Sealant

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Angelwax Ti-22 TITANIUM SPRAY SEALANT is yet another beautifully crafted formulation straight from the Angelwax laboratory.

 Angelwax Ti-22 is a unique Titanium based spray sealant designed to be applied after polishing to create a tough durable seal on which to apply a wax coating.     The chemical composition of Ti-22 makes this a simple yet brilliant formulation due to the nature of its key component, Titanium. Titanium is a natural element that has a low density with excellent resistance to corrosion and acid, making this sealant the perfect way to protect your paintwork from everything the planet has to throw at it! Available in 250ml bottles. \n   Directions: For best results, wash, rinse and dry the vehicle thoroughly.     After polishing the vehicle, apply Angelwax Ti-22 to cool bodywork using a clean, dry microfiber cloth. \n   Angelwax Ti-22 is a ‘spray on’, ‘wipe off’ formulation and should be removed straight after application.      Angelwax Ti-22 can also be used after waxing if you so desire.      

Top Tip: After sealing the paint surface with Angelwax Ti-22, apply a coat of wax from the Angelwax detailing range for increased protection and an outstanding finish.

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